Krissy. 23. Florida Girly Girl. & Happily taken by an amazing man. This is not one of those trendy, "personal e-diaries", as my life is not an open book. This is, however, my photoblog, which contains all of the things that I love & find inspiring. I’m a beauty junkie & noted Pinterest addict, and I love to post pictures, inspirational quotes and things of the superficial sort. I'm into prissy things, and post lots of makeup, jewels, shoes, handbags, sex, interior design, pretty girls & guys, food, Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce. I love getting lots of sleep, candles, flowers (mainly roses & orchids), the smell of lavender, long hair, brunettes, Alexander McQueen, chandeliers, fashion magazines, TrueBlood, peace & quiet, coffee lingerie, Sex & The City, falling asleep on the phone, manicures, Cherry Coke, Bruno Mars, Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis, music, fashion magazines, kissing, my boyfriend & All things soft, classy, sexy and beautiful.

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"To wish you were someone else, is to waste the person you are."

270,539 notes | Kurt Cobain

ruedamour said: Your themes are always so phenomenal! I adore this one so much!

Ohmygosh Andreea! It’s been so long since we talked doll.. i missed you! And thanks so much for your compliment, it means so much coming from one of my favorite bloggers! Just followed your personal blog too, I love it <3 xoxo.